Surprise your loved ones with a Gift Voucher!

This gift voucher can be redeemed at the Queenscliff Brewhouse. Surprise your loved ones with a fantastic food and beverage experience or let them pick their favourite local products from our regional tasting room and cellar door.

If you are looking for a hard copy gift card, visit our Brewhouse or contact us.

Please note: This gift voucher can only be redeemed onsite at the Queenscliff Brewhouse, not in our online shop.


$25 Gift Voucher

$ 25.00

$40 Gift Voucher

$ 40.00

$50 Gift Voucher

$ 50.00

$75 Gift Voucher

$ 75.00

$100 Gift Voucher

$ 100.00

$150 Gift Voucher

$ 150.00

$200 Gift Voucher

$ 200.00

$250 Gift Voucher

$ 250.00

$300 Gift Voucher

$ 300.00

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Note: The voucher is valid for 1 year and can be redeemed at Queenscliff Brewhouse.

* Cash payment is not possible. The terms and conditions apply.

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