You’re only as strong as the Gin you mix with, the tables you dance on, and the friends you party with.

The Queenscliff Distillery plays host to informal and creative masterclasses. Learn how we make our Gin from start to finish, then make your own!

We guide you through the process of balancing all the botanicals to create a Gin that’s not only drinkable, but even worthy of a reorder. If you like your Gin so much we can reconstruct it again and again for you and deliver to you on demand.

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During our Gin Masterclasses, you will delve into the wonderful world of gin. Learn the fascinating history of gin, how it is made and be guided through the process of blending up your very own gin recipe in a take home bottle.

The Gin Masterclass includes:
• A bottle of gin developed by you
• Gin tastings
• Cheese platter
• Knowledge directly from the distillers
• COVID safe group sizes